Baby High Chair vs Sitting on Table – What Works Best?

  Early stages of parenting can be quite difficult if parents don’t have a clear knowledge of how to raise their babies.

A baby high chair is considered to be a parenting gear to provide comfort to babies aged from 6-8months or more to 3-4 years.

These baby high chairs have their safety levels and also affect the social upbringing of babies.

Some of the benefits of baby high chairs are listed as under:

Benefits of Baby High Chairs

It can be carried around easily

These baby high chairs are easily portable. They are fitted with wheels that can be locked.

In this way, safety is also maintained as the chair does not move when locked. The wheels help in moving the chairs anywhere parents want for perfect monitoring of babies.

Highly comfortable

Baby high chairs provide comfort to babies while they are in their seating position.

The chair has soft cushions and is quite adjustable according to its adjustable features.

Because of the adjustable features, babies who cannot maintain a straight seating position can enjoy sitting even in a reclined position with the help of baby high chairs.

Quite effective

Baby high chairs come with straps where babies can be strapped while mothers perform their daily chores without any tension or worries.

Safety is an essential aspect when it comes to babies. Babies also learn how to behave well once they can see what is going on around them from these high chairs.

Improves social upbringing

Babies are learning from a very early stage and when they are placed on high chairs, they can observe the surroundings and learn from it.

High chairs provide higher height to kids and they learn how to eat and sit without disturbing their parents much.

The social behaviour’s of children are improved and they also learn proper eating habits when placed in high chairs at an early stage.

Benefits Of Babies Sitting on Tables

When babies are in their development stages, they should be provided with tables and chairs to understand the process and journey of eating and how to get along with others.

Sitting on tables helps babies to use their hands effectively while eating.

While sitting on tables can be a fun time for the family and they can learn to be a part of a group and family. Babies can also be taught to hold the cutlery well when they sit on tables.

Mothers can sit just opposite to their babies and babies also tend to learn etiquette faster.

Some points to keep in mind while planning to make babies sit on tables are listed as under:

Depth of seat Placing a cushion between your baby and the back of the chair helps to reduce the seat depth so that babies can look over the table properly.

They can sit properly when a cushion is provided without having to cut between their legs.

Height matched from floor Most chairs are designed for the adult legs.

Using a cardboard box, stool, or storage box can do wonders in this case. Babies can rest their feet on any of these special arrangements.

A chair with bars or a child’s dining height chair can be used as well for this purpose.

Height of the child to the table To match the height of the table, putting a cushion underneath or even a pile of books can be used in this case.

It is important for the babies to reach the tables so they can eat their food independently.

A child’s height dining chair is best for babies as they will have something to rest their feet on. It varies according to children’s ages and heights. For baby food chair and high chair click here.

Size of cutlery The cutlery sizes need to change with the growth of babies. The style of the handle should be comfortable enough so that babies can get that perfect grasp for eating their food.

Crockery type Plastic cups and plates are best for babies as it does not break easily. A heavier plate will be in place. Plates with contrast colors are also loved by babies as they can see what they are eating.

Important Points To Be Kept In Mind:

Small toddlers have the tendency to throw food and cutlery on the floor which can cause damages.

They become a source of irritation for many parents as they do not let them have quality dining time. It is not advisable to make them sit on the table before proper training, which can be done on a high chair.

In fact, high chairs for babies have lots of other benefits apart from food training.

Final Verdict

High chairs are quite expensive but they are quite safe and flexible for babies.

They are designed to provide full comfort to babies. It all depends on parents on what works best for their kids.

Parents can try both tables and high chairs and check out the appropriate option for them.

Both have their advantages and reservations but it depends on what parents are willing for their babies. Comfort will be provided in both cases.

The call ultimately rests on parents. High chairs and tables are available at varying ranges in markets. You can buy the one which most suits your budget!