11 Best Baby High Chairs & Baby Feeding Chairs in India



“Discover the top-rated and safest options for feeding your little one with our guide to the best baby high chairs on the market. From versatile 3-in-1 convertible designs to ultra-lightweight options, find the perfect fit for your family today!”


A baby high chair is one of the most important pieces of furniture for growing babies.

A high chair for babies has many uses & is of great help while developing crucial skills during early childhood.

While we dwell into the best baby high chairs & Best baby feeding chairs lets understand its role & importance.

If you directly want to get to know the 11 best baby high chairs & baby feeding chairs then here is the list for you directly read about them:

Introduction To Baby High Chairs

The extremely proactive nature of little kids makes it a challenge to sit them down and feed them properly.

The use of a baby high chair provides a great deal of convenience against this problem.

Baby high chairs serve as a handy tool that eliminates the need to bend down while feeding toddlers, helping avoid the huge mess caused by spillover food.

Choosing the best baby high chair for feeding is, however, an altogether different ball game!

You are likely to come across several such feeding chairs while running an online search that does a lot more than just serve as a stand on which to sit and feed your child.

These are good for use at house parties or any other social event you may organize at home.

You can secure your little one into one of these chairs and move them about from one room to another.

A hook-on chair can be attached to a dining table for more convenience during feeding time.

These are also excellent to have around while visiting a restaurant, which will ensure your baby does not miss out on its dose of fun on a family outing.

These baby high chairs or baby feeding chairs are not only designed for baby feeding purposes.

They have many other purposes as well. Apart from being these high baby chairs as modifiable, protected and stain resilient, they are used for zillions of other purposes.

However, the typical age for the parents to bring a baby high chair for babies is 4-6 months, but it also depends on the necessity according to the age and your baby’s need.

Few Other Benefits/Uses Of Baby High Chairs are as Follows:

  • Suitable for feeding babies
  • They encourage the babies in feeding themselves
  • you can get the baby to dine with you
  • Elderly have the comfort in feeding the babies
  • The tables can be used for study purpose later on
  • You can old their attention and make them learn things you want in a easy manner
  • They can play, draw and laugh while you are busy in kitchen
  • Dont have to worry much about the presence of your child coz he is always with you
  • When you see your baby is at risk, you can make him play with toys sitting at these baby high chairs.
  • You can make your baby play sitting at the chair while you are doing your work.
  • It comes into use to make your baby sleep.

These are only a few benefits when compared to what you expereince while using the baby high chair.

Things To Be Considered While Buying The Best Baby High Chair

While buying a baby dining chair in India, several things need to be considered before you shell out the big bucks.

Here we take a look at some of the important features that will help you make a well-informed decision.

Food tray: A must on every baby eating chair! Without a food tray available, the purchase simply won’t be worthwhile.

Usually, the tray can be pulled out easily for cleaning any mess in the sink or a dishwasher.

Booster chairs usually come with an extra tray that can be used while the first one is out for cleaning.

Ease of cleaning: Babies can be expected to mess around with what they eat, so having a chair that can be cleaned easily after one such messy meal is essential.

The best ones typically feature a vinyl seat, which can be wiped clean without any hassle.

Comfortable seating: Babies are no different in that they need comfort while seating.

If the high chair proves to be a place of comfort, you can expect it to sit there without any fuss for a long time, thereby making your life easier.

Safety: Considering babies are involved, safety becomes all the more important in deciding on the right baby dining chair.

The seats should contain straps that can be quickly done and undone.

A three or five-point harness strap is recommended so that the baby does not fall when the seat is unbuckled.

While deciding on our recommendation of best baby feeding chair amazon, the factors, as mentioned above, are very much what we looked into before coming up with a shortlist.

Price is another factor we kept in mind while drawing up our recommendations to ensure your baby gets the very best product without leaving you with a gaping hole in your pocket.

The maximum amount you can spend on a high chair should not exceed 6-7k keeping in mind the advatages you get out of the baby high chair.

11 Best High Chairs & Feeding Chairs

1. LuvLap 3-in-1 Convertible Baby High Chair:

When it comes to buying baby products such as high chairs, walkers, carriers, rockers, strollers, car seats, and the likes, the collection on offer from LuvLap is simply unparalleled.

The fact that their products come with a European standard certification makes the brand particularly attractive.

This baby feeding chair is of standard product quality featuring a 5-point safety harness for added protection.

Ease of cleaning further adds to its suitability as an infant high chair.

There can be no doubting that this LuvLap high chair is worth every penny spent on it.

Great to look at when placed in the hall or living room, it is sturdy and can support a decent weight.

It is also resistant to slipping, so you can rest assured your baby is safe when seated in it.

Best Features of LuvLap 3in1 Convertible Baby High Chair:

  • European Standards certification is a rubber-stamp of its credentials as a safe, high chair for kids
  • 3-in-1 function for greater convenience: Use it as either a high chair with feeding tray, sturdy chair and table set, or just as a high chair
  • Five-point high chair harness for added safety
  • Backrest designed to be comfortable for kids
  • Easy-to-remove feeding tray for convenient cleaning
  • Washable, easy-to-clean seat cushion


  • Sturdy build making it a good companion for your little ones
  • Innovative design that allows both the table and chair to be used separately
  • Babies find the color very appealing
  • Can be easily moved around the house
  • Good durability and strength ensuring prevention against physical damage


  • There is scope for improving the design of the lock
  • Seat is not large enough for accommodating babies who are outgrown.


2. R for Rabbit Cherry Berry Grand 4 in 1 Convertible Feeding Table High Chair

The R for Rabbit brand is exclusively focused on baby toddler products, making it a favorite among kids and parents across India.

Besides having two different color options to choose from, this toddler feeding chair comes with convertible 4-in-1 options, including a table setting.

An adjustable, comfortable seat with ample cushioning and a European Standards certification are among the major highlights, assuring its safety for children.

The seat on this chair is adjustable across seven different heights, making it suitable for continued use even after your child grows to as much as seven years of age.

A 5-point harness ensures the little one does not fall off.

The included table can be detached and used separately, improving the range of applications for the chair.

It is easy to wash the cushion seat and food tray, making it less of a hassle to deal with a mess.

Best Features Of R For Rabbit Cherry Berry Grand 4 in 1 Baby High Chair:

  • Suitable for kids in the age group of 6 months to 7 years
  • Can support to a maximum weight of 20kgs
  • A 4-in-1 convertible system can be converted into a booster chair, short chair, or simply a chair and table
  • A removable child tray that can be used as a table for the infant feeding chair or separately as a study table
  • 5-point safety harness for better child security
  • Optimal arc design of the backrest
  • Washable chair fabric


  • Comes with a user manual making it easy to assemble
  • Affordable price range Well-built seat-belts
  • Can be used as a Study Table In Future
  • Its 4 in 1 Convertible so have more options when compare to LuvLap 3 in 1


  • Back reclination still has room for improvement
  • Overall chair quality is not satisfactory


3. R For Rabbit Marshmallow 7 Reclining Smart Baby High Chair For Feeding & Rest

The marshmallow smart baby high chair by R for Rabbit is innovation all together in baby feeding chairs.

It has a special 7 reclining feature which is useful according to baby’s growth in age and height.

MarshMallow 7 reclining smart baby high chair for feeding sets apart the tone when the topic is only for feeding chairs.

If there was no consideration for many roles of high chairs then MarshMallow would be rated no.1 product for feeding high chair. This is the No.1 Feeding Chair if we remove price and booster seat option in reviewing the baby high chair for feeding

It is solid looking with stylish design. It reveals itself as a posh feeding chair.

It has features that no other high chair in our list has on offer.

R for Rabbit has only used the best material possible in making this product.

Although you find this product on a higher price range the value it has on offer is just unbeatable.

There are many other high chairs that offer the same features but you only find them on high price range.

But if you are a parent who considers carrying the high chair everywhere you like then this is something you should be looking out for.

Parents who travel a lot, whose purpose of a feeding chair would be to carry it along with you everywhere then you should consider R for rabbit 7 Levels Smart Feeding High Chair For Your baby.

Best Features of R For rabbit MarshMallow Smart Baby Feeding High Chair:

  • It Comes with A Smart Folding Function That Helps In Carrying and Storage along with Folding
  • It comes with an adjustable meal tray
  • This Product is made up of high-quality material
  • The material and color are both undergone stringent testing
  • The most highlight feature is the 7 level height adjustment for feeding
  • Another highlight feature included the recline angles for nap time. There are 3 angels where your child can have a nap in the chair itself.
  • It comes with an adjustable footrest which is again something which even the no.1 product doesn’t offer.


  • Easy to move your child around when at home
  • Product is of Very Good Quality
  • Highly Durable
  • Looks Posh as if used by A+ Celebs
  • Nap angles and height adjustment are simply fantastic
  • You baby will love to be in it
  • Comes with wheelbase
  • Can be carried everywhere, even to parties and cinemas


  • This product is 3k extra when compared to LuvLap 3 in 1 which is our no.1 recommendation
  • Although it has great features this product cannot be used as a booster seat
  • It is not suitable for those who looking for multiple features in a high chair


4. SYGA Baby High Chair for Feeding, Dining & Play

Versatility in design is one of the biggest factors that sets apart the SYGA High Chair from other baby feeding chairs.

This convertible best baby high chair can be easily transformed into a mini stroller to walk your baby.

Built from high-quality plastic, this feeding chair also offers food tray protection and a 3-point harness system for better safety.

It is easy to detach the food tray for cleaning along with the whole chair.

This baby food chair also features height adjustment functionality, allowing the high chair’s height to be fixed across four different positions.

There are a couple of recliner positions included assisting in both the growth and comfort of your little ones.

This chair’s versatility is best seen in its 3-in-1 design, which changes from a regular high chair to a booster chair and, subsequently, a 4-wheel trolley.

The booster chair can be placed on a car seat while the trolley is an excellent option to have if you wish to go for a walk with your baby.

The storage comes with a small lock under the seat, which can be used for storing the height widening pipes when not in use.

Overall, the chair can be easily maintained and cleaned. The chair suits kids from the age of 6 months.

Best Features Of SYGA Baby High Chair for Feeding, Dining & Play:

  • Versatile design with 3-in-1 functionality
  • Wheels add convenience to the high chair
  • 3-point safety harness feature
  • Durable plastic gives additional longevity
  • Height adjustable across four different settings
  • Easily detachable, easy to clean food tray


  • Comfortable for use by toddlers or kids in smaller age groups.
  • Attractive design and color for the babies making it a perfect playtime option.
  • It offers a small stand for your baby’s feet to rest.
  • Comes with wheels for play & fun
  • Can be used while outdoors
  • Makes it easy for parents to move from place to place


  • Spring cushion can prove uncomfortable for some kids
  • The poor build quality of the legs makes the chair a bit unstable


5. BAYBEE Little Miracle Convertible Baby High Chair

There are two colour options to choose from for this high chair – beige and blue. Babies find both colour options pretty appealing.

It also has a 3-in-1 high chair design allowing it to be used as a booster chair.

The highly convertible nature of the booster high chair enables longevity of use till toddlerhood.

The baby eating chair is built out to feature two seats in one, prompting the child to collaborate with elders while seated for a family meal.

You can choose between a 3 or 5-point harness, leaving the food tray to be easily accessed with one hand.

The seat mode in the booster high chair permits it to be useful even when it is not used.

There are further applications of the seat mode, which lets the high chair be turned into a study desk.

The height of the chair can be adjusted to bring it to level with the dining table, and this is a good thing as you can work on developing your baby’s dining habits.

When your little one sees you having a meal on your own, it is sure to have them influenced to try and do the same thing.

The backrest also features a highly optimal design preventing future postural defects in your baby.

It is important that your baby maintains a healthy posture angle and is comfortable when seated in order to develop good dining habits.

Built using Arc Design formula, the infant feeding chair is devoid of sharp edges so that your little one is not at risk of picking up any kind of scratches or cuts on its tender skin.

Best Features Of BAYBEE Little Miracle Convertible Baby High Chair:

  • Booster high feeding chair which comes with cushion in a choice of two colors
  • Offers a very comfortable seating position for your child keeping in mind the posture
  • Can be easily converted into a study table or a booster high chair
  • Comfortable seating lets your baby remain in it for long hours


  • Decent product in the price range with a whole range of features usually found in more expensive products
  • Reclining seat adjustable to three stages and a five-point height adjustment factor
  • Can be easily folded


  • Built from hard plastic which makes it unpleasant to touch
  • Once you remove the tray you have no safety feature to hold the baby


6. Kiddie Kingdom By Little Pumpkin 3-in-1 Foldable Baby High Chair & Feeding Chair

Little Pumpkin is known for offering a collection of trustworthy and innovative products aimed at enhancing the overall experience of parenting a little kid.

This Amazon high chair carries all the promise that the brand offers and is available in a choice of red and green colors.

This chair is built for use in three different ways, bringing greater convenience from one single packaging.

You can leave it on as a high chair or convert it into a booster chair. Upon removal of the lower hind legs, you get a low chair.

The feeding chair is capable of carrying a maximum weight of 25kgs without suffering bends or dents.

There are anti-skid rubber caps fitted on the legs.

Seats have cushioned padding, and though the backrest could have covered a little more, it serves its purpose to a large extent.

The fabric on the chair is easy to remove and can be put through a machine wash without resulting in wear and tear.

Additional features include a 3-point harness for higher safety and security of the baby and prevent them from tumbling down when seated.

The chair also has a food tray attachment that can be easily detached and cleaned.

This tray can be set in three different positions to help maintain the right amount of space between your baby’s torso and the food plate.

The Kiddie Kingdom kids feeding chair is easy to clean, often requiring no more than a wipe down with a wet cloth or sponge.

The tray can also be washed under the tap. The product also comes with a bag used for storage of the baby high chair when not in use.

Best Features Of Kiddie Kingdom By Little Pumpkin 3 in 1 Foldable Baby High Chair:

  • The convertible high chair can be used in three different positions – short chair, booster chair, high chair
  • Additional storage bag provided with the feeding chair for ease of storing when the product is folded and not in use
  • The footrest on the dining chair to let your baby relax when seated
  • Comfortable backrest and a 3-point safety harness
  • Easily washable fabric for better hygiene also dries out easily


  • Sturdy legs on the high chair come fitted with a rubber stopper for preventing slipping Foldable chair, storage bag provided
  • The chair can be adjusted to grow with your baby
  • Convenient conversion into different positions


  • Less seat space is a concern


7. LuvLap 4-in-1 Booster High Chair, Convertible Seat

The LuvLap best baby high chair for feeding has a 4-in-1 feature that makes it highly comfortable and convertible.

The main difference between LuvLap 4 in 1 and LuvLap 3 in 1 is the LuvLap 4 in 1 does not have a table on offer which makes it limited to high chair and booster seat only.

You can use it as a high chair and change it into a booster seat that can be put on any elevated surface.

It is also suitable for use as a standard chair of low height. The booster seat can be used as a makeshift baby seat for putting in the car while traveling.

The legs on this baby feeding chair feature a sturdy build thanks to the use of metal.

The legs can be adjusted in length as per requirement. Durable plastic material is used in the manufacture of the rest of the chair body, while the durable and robust fabric is the material for the harness.

A 5-point safety harness system helps keep the baby secure and safe at all times.

There is a food tray attachment that can be set in three different positions to provide maximum comfort to the baby while dining.

The tray can be removed, making it convenient for cleaning needs.

The dining chair is completely detachable and foldable so that it can be easily stored and carried around places.

A high-quality make proscribing to European Standards highlights the credentials of the materials used.

Overall, this LuvLap baby feeding chair is exceptionally durable and portable with a choice of pink and green colors, both of which are equally appealing and enjoyable to the toddlers.

Best Features Of LuvLap 4-in-1 Booster High Chair, Convertible Seat:

  • Can be used as a booster seat both in an elevated position as well as on the floor
  • 5-point safety harness for giving better comfort and security to the baby
  • Sturdy metal legs that are easy to remove
  • Detachable tray for easy cleaning. Also, the tray can be adjusted in three different positions for better convenience to the kid while dining.


  • Good durable quality of the straps
  • Ease of use and carry
  • Foldable backrest permitting storage
  • Well-finished product overall


  • May not be ideal for some outgrown babies
  • High chair seat is difficult to clean
  • Difficult to assemble without a manual


8. LuvLap Cosmos 3-in-1 Convertible High Chair

The LuvLap Cosmos is an extremely satisfying baby feeding chair to have around the house for those who wish to enjoy parenthood to the fullest.

The product is designed to make it safe for the babies to the maximum extent possible.

Your little one will feel like being on your lap while sitting in this high chair.

Having a personal resting place is essential for every offspring, and your kid should not be any different.

This toddler feeding chair is sure to get your baby all chuckling and smiling with joy.

LuvLap products are typically subjected to several quality checks before being put up for sale.

The Cosmos also holds a European Standard EN 14988 certification, which is an assurance of its high-quality standards.

An extremely safe product for your baby, you will have little to worry about with its use.

If you are thinking about money, you need not worry as this product is worth every penny.

It will also look great around your house and is especially useful to have at home if you have a particularly difficult kid to handle.

Best Features of LuvLap 3in1 Cosmos Baby High Chair:

  • European Standard certified product gives quality assurance
  • 3-in-1 convertible product for use as either low chair, high chair, or a booster seat
  • 3-point safety harness to keep the baby comfortable and secure
  • Washable, easily removable dining tray
  • Sturdy metal legs can be adjusted and detached
  • Foldable backrest for compact storage


  • High-quality safety belt
  • Comfortable to seat in
  • Easy to maintain food tray


  • Cleaning the cushion and fabric is a hassle
  • Many users are not fond of the white color which is difficult to maintain


9. Baybee 5-in-1 Smart and Convertible High Chair

The Baybee 5-in-1 Smart Convertible High Chair is an excellent option to have at home for those looking to develop their kids’ dining habits.

Although it has a mentioned 5 in 1 it can only be used as 3 things:

  1. High Chair
  2. Booster Seat
  3. Booster Chair

The high chair helps kids enjoy a meal while seated at the same height alongside their parents at the dinner table but without any form of intervention from the elders.

This innovative product has been designed so that it grows along with your baby.

You can also convert it into a study table or play table when not used for dining purposes.

The best baby feeding chair has all the functions necessary to make it one of the best products in the baby high chair category.

This baby dinner chair is European Standards EN 14988 certified, ensuring complete safety for toddlers and babies.

The smallest of details have been looked into to give your baby the best safety standards.

It is designed to prevent slipping or tipping, remaining stable in all conditions.

The backrest also carries an optimal design so that the child can be trained to sit comfortably and learn good dining habits.

A 3-point safety harness rounds off the list of features that make this Baybee convertible high chair a popular option among Indian families with newborns in their midst.

Best Features of Baby 5in1 Baby High Chair:

  • European Standards certified, assuring a high level of safety
  • Convertible, allowing it to be used as a high chair, study desk, or only as an individual table and chair
  • Unique design to prevent slipping or tipping
  • Optimal backrest design to provide the best degree of comfort
  • 3-point safety harness for more safety of the kid


  • Reclining seat and height-adjustable make it helpful for parents to accommodate growing kids
  • A low center of gravity gives excellent stability
  • Foldable to allow easy storage and space-saving


  • The hard plastic used to make the product is not pleasant to touch
  • 5-point harness can make it uncomfortable for outgrown babies
  • Harness plastic is of poor quality


10. Kurtzy Kids Foldable High Chair

One of the sturdiest baby dining chairs in the market, the Kurtzy High Chair, is capable of supporting weights of a maximum of 50kgs, leaving little room for worry that it will break easily.

The use of high-grade aluminum provides the strength to the outer frame, while a high-quality foam padding in the inner sitting area and rexine cover gives superior comfort.

A metal frame with cushion padding is used for footrest so that the baby has some extra space to keep its feet.

Together, these features make the high chair as good as a tiny sofa for your little to relax in.

Thanks to a compact design, no additional setting are needed while installing the chair.

It can simply be folded and stored, and while assembling a simple press on the lock button helps set things up quickly.

This feature makes it easy to carry the baby feeding chair from one place to another.

The food tray is easy to remove for cleaning, but the harness is a simple 1-point system, unlike the 3-point and 5-point variants used by most products.

Best Features of Kurtzy Kids Foldable high Chair:

  • Highly durable aluminum frame capable of supporting up to 50kgs
  • Compact design allowing easy storage and transportation
  • Removable meal tray to allow the child to sit closer to the dining table
  • Hassle-free setup at the push of a button


  • Good durability and comfort in seating
  • Convenient storage option
  • Economic product


  • Single-point harness raises safety concerns
  • Edges are not smooth, posing a risk of injury to the children


11. Jumix 3-in-1 Kid’s Dining Chair

The Jumix 3-in-1 high chair for kids is built in compliance with strict quality standards.

Buying this product is sure to be a pleasant surprise for your baby.

It can be easily converted into an adjustable feeding chair or a portable booster seat from the standard high chair.

The height is also adjustable to meet the baby’s needs, permitting the chair to grow along with your little one.

The dining tray has a four-block adjustment feature and can be moved back and forth to make it comfortable for the baby to feed.

When you are not using the chair, you can fold it down to a compact size and store it away.

The wipe seat comes with complete padding that not only adds to the comfort but also makes it easy to be cleaned.

It is also equipped with a 3-point safety belt, which gives the chair more excellent stability and your little one more security when seated.

High-quality steel and ABS plastic goes into the manufacture of this toddler feeding chair, making it strong and sturdy.

Features Of Jumix 3in1 Kids High Chair For Dining:

  • Adjustable height design which makes it suitable for various purposes
  • The anti-slip design gives greater stability and reliability
  • The three-point safety belt and comfortable backrest design with an anti-slip strap makes it easy for the baby to maintain a good posture while feeding
  • Easy installation and detachable for convenient storage


  • Comfortable cushion for greater convenience while seating
  • Ease of assembly and storage


  • Hard plastic is not pleasant to touch

Safety tips & Precautions While Using High Chair For Babies

There are certain safety tips and precautionary measures that need to be kept in mind before your little one gets comfortable using a high chair.

  • Ensure your child is never unattended when on the toddler feeding chair
  • Other children should not be allowed to climb simultaneously with a baby already seated in it
  • Babies can be expected to continue playing even when seated on a dining chair, so ensure excellent stability
  • Ensure the chair is locked correctly each time you unfold and set it up
  • Never allow a child to stand up in a high chair
  • Remember to strap in your kid while on the baby food chair to prevent them from slipping or falling
  • Check the chair regularly to ensure there is no damage
  • Keep the chair away from tables as kids tend to push at chairs with their legs. This could lead to the chair toppling
  • Chairs with wheels should always be locked down through the time the baby is seated there


Parents have started to acknowledge the importance of Baby High Chairs in the development of crucial skills in babies.

They are not only useful but also time-saving and energy saving.

They are an excellent tool for bringing discipline into older kids and young children alike while feeding.

Grandparents are likely to find the chair very convenient while feeding their grandchildren as a fair height from the ground ensures they do not have to strain their backs by bending down.

Parents who are taller-than-average can also comfortably feed their kids while staying upright.

However, being aware of the associated risks and considering the safety measures while buying baby eating chairs is also of the utmost importance.

So, Make use of the baby high chair to the fullest coz you are investing a lot of money into it.