How To Make The Most Out Of Baby High Chair


Infants, when they start moving, and toddlers are perpetual motion machines.

Their pumped up energy levels are hard to match.

To keep up would mean you’re on your toes most of the time which is the last thing a sleep-deprived, tired mama needs.

Basically, it seems kind of tricky to keep them entertained for longer periods of time because let’s just faced it – they do have the shortest attention span ever.

It doesn’t need an Einstein to figure out that a baby high chair is something that is made for feeding babies.

There are quite a lot of benefits you could have from feeding your baby on a high chair.

But, baby high chairs are also perfect for them to spend time in even when not eating.

Let’s discuss more on that in this article.

For starters, baby high chairs are easily movable.

You could just move it safely to wherever you are and the baby can safely play at your height while you continue doing whatever you are doing.

It is ideal for when you are cooking or taking care of your other children, doing the dishes or for when you just have to make that call to your mother or friends.

Keeping your child in the high chair next to you, with them doing their own activity is easy and inclusive – yet you get to have your much needed ‘me’ time or give a little of your time to your other children and family.

All you have to do is set up for them to do something on the food tray itself or just remove the tray and push the chair up against a table with wider space.

Here are some wonderful things that can be done with high chairs. They might be a little messy but hey, to keep a toddler entertained, you need variety.

  • Painting and coloring

Colors fascinate young minds. Painting is an activity that is sure to keep your child occupied for a certain amount of time for there is a lot to explore and learn.

You could provide younger infants with edible, safe colors and encourage hand painting.

A simple idea would be to give them yogurt on small cups mixed with pureed vegetables and fruits for color.

For example, carrot for orange, strawberries for pink, plums for purple or avocado for green and so on.

Once they’re done smearing and painting, they would taste it. It’s all fun.

A coloring book with some sketch pens and crayons can teach them to color.

Or you can give them a set of brushes and actual paint to have them paint the tray, a cloth or a paper.

Just let their imagination run wild and you could also end up with a few keepsakes for years to come.

  • Stacking games

Stacking is an essential in teaching motor skills and balancing to young children.

You could just give them some light weight building blocks for them to do with as they want.

Another DIY idea that could be carried with whatever you have right at home would be to give them some harmless cups and make them build a tower or something.

You would be amazed at what they do.

  • Teether or utensils

This one requires no effort at all.

The teether can be great for when your baby wants to put anything and everything into their mouths.

Just provide them with spatulas, bowls made from plastic or steel, spoons and lids.

They can drum, make noise and for older toddler, you could also teach them to remove lids and put them back on as part of motor development.

  • Entertainment

When everything else is exhausted, no child will say no to cartoons or watching videos.

High chairs can be perfect to be positioned in from of the television.

Your baby can be comfortable and safe while watching their favorite cartoons.

Or you could also put a tablet or a mobile phone with videos on over a table and out of their reach.

  • Learning

Most child based activities and play offer some kind of learning to children.

But apart from that, a high chair can also be used for doing some actual learning.

You could provide your babies with picture books to peruse while sitting on the high chair or you could hold a book to them while reading it for them.

Teach them to read, identify alphabets and numbers, colors and shapes and what not.

Scribbling is an important step in a child’s journey to write so provide with a paper and pencil so they can scribble away.

An entertained baby keeps from wreaking havoc in the house.

They are also happy, peaceful and easy to handle. And the cherry on top?

Everything they do becomes a part of their learning.

You obviously need to keep a constant eye on them but that’s just a small thing in the broader prospect of things.