Top 10 Best Baby Bed Rails In India For Babies Safety


Best Baby Bed Rails In India

As a young parent – you might certainly find yourself with a handful of “how to’s” when it comes to keeping your little toddler within its cozy zone.

Here we will be drawing out a comparative analysis for the 10 best baby bed rails, why is it actually important to know which baby bed rail will best suited for your needs, and what are some of the mindful traits that can help you decide better the next time you’re out buying one or exchanging the existing one that you have.

Sway through the article and sit tight ‘cz this will be an insightful ride!

To begin with – bed rails can come across as those cartoony bed/cot side rails that are intended to ensure that the toddler doesn’t fall off while exploring the cozy zone or some young parents like to call it the “piko zone”.

At the offset bed rails can be very helpful for your baby and for you as well – however, the choice of the correct bed rail and knowing what matches your lifestyle the best takes much more precedence than the equipment itself.

This is because in many cases bed rails have been known to add to the fall of the kid since they were not fit properly or poorly administered while assembling the setup.

Now, we don’t want you to draw towards the panic – but as they say, a well-informed person is wiser than the salesperson.

As we began researching the top 10 baby bed rails that are promising to the shelf today, we also figured out the quintessential need for having baby bed rails in the first place.

Prevalent, mostly, in the decision-making process: here is a quick view on why to go for bed rails in the first place:

  1. Protect beyond falling – baby bed rails are also important because they become the natural habit nurturer for your young one. This happens due to the inert nature of a child to learn every time he bumps into the rail guard while going for the exploration spree.
  2. Cot – mattress binding – now, the kids can be curious – we all know, but making sure their curiosity doesn’t become the cause of concern is what your bed rail may help you do! The rails fit snugly between the mattress and the cot to ensure that those little fingers can still be free while not getting hurt.
  3. Proper fitting for support – properly fit in bed rails also become the passive support provided for the neck, hands, or head of your child while it is playing around. This is pivotal since at the tender age of your child their body structures are quite faint and need that very essential support of the rail.
  4. Peace of mind – subsequently when you’ve made your sound choice of the best bed rail that matches your style and need – you get to have that much helpful and satiating mental peace that will eventually allow you to play and enjoy the time rather than being concerned the whole way long.

With the context in place, let us now dive into finding out the best bed rail for your baby from this list of top 10 bed rails:

1. LuvLap Bed Rail Guard For Baby Safety

luvlap bed rail for baby

A product from the LuvLap manufacturing, the Luv Lap Bed Rail Guard secures the first position on our list.

Coming from the brainstem of parenthood charms and bliss knitted in those little stories which eventually take from the product to ensure child safety and nurturing enhancements – the LuvLap promisingly puts this one on the shelf with a thorough quality check and care weaved into the bed rail.

Standing at the dimensions of 30.5 * 7.6 * 10.2 cm the LL Rail Guard weighs up to 450 grams, the bed rail is good to use for toddlers of age 3 months and up (as guided by the manufacturer).

Although the make is from China, the quality and stability of the product are one to appreciate.

In our endeavor to find out how exactly people have responded to the product and its use, we found some popping questions which will best resonate with a general buyer: The rail fits nicely into the king-size bed given its 62” long fitting.

Another one had asked whether it is foldable to allow for more comfortable use in the daily routine – and yes it is.

A quick look at the features, benefits, and some criticalities of the LuvLap bed rail is shared below:

Best Features Of The Product:

  • Foldable – allows for comfortable usage through the daily routine, making it a flexible fit for purpose product
  • Ease of Handling – lightweight of 450 grams and the fabric material makes it easy to handle, although this also means – rough handling is a big no for this product.
  • Mattress Support – although it is advised by reviewers to use this for mostly all mattresses, it is better to keep in mind to use it if your mattress is heavy enough to keep rods of the frame in sustained place.


  • Easy to install – the LL Rail guard bags full marks for this category. With its comfortable procedure that lays out the steps of the installation process, it makes life easier for parents!
  • Value for money – next up comes, value for money! Oscillating between a price range of INR 1400 – INR 2000 (varying upon the vendor) the LL Raild guard is a suitable fit for its features and safety.
  • Sturdiness – we wouldn’t vouch for a product that isn’t sturdy. Hence we took into account this category and the product stands by it.
  • Durability – little scorer on the durability front from a range of customer reviews but still gets through an 80% score on it.


  • Blocked bedside – the LL rail guard blocks one side of your bed thoroughly, this means that changing your bed cover may become a critical task for you.
  • Fabric to frame connection – the fabric on hand is soft and zipped tightly with the frame – this makes it difficult to remain in place for toddlers who are little over 7-8 months.


2. Regalo Hide Away Extra Long Baby Bed Rail

regalo hide away bed rail

The Regalo Hide Away Bed Rail is the extra long bed rail that means hassle-free changing of bedsheets and more protection for your young one.

At the forefront, it is an easy to assemble solution and requires no tools to get in shape and form from the unboxing state.

Regalo, promises to bring innovation to its product line and this is no short of that. With dimensions standing tall at 54*20” the Hide Away is the one solution for your designer beds and long-lasting mental satisfaction to allow your toddlers to roam and explore freely.

Designed with a strong commitment towards safety and convenience, Regalo offers a wide range of variety of travel and safety products from bed rails, safety gates, play yards, high chairs, and much more.

Ingredients of the mix include non-toxic materials that are certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association and meet the American Society for Testing and Materials standards wherever possible.

But what it means to you from the features to pros and cons we will share it all below:

Best Features Of The Product:

  • Sliding – Slides under the mattress when not in use
  • Adjustable – Adjustable to fit twin to queen-sized beds
  • Enhanced safety features – Increased safety with the patented gap guard feature
  • Added security – Provides a secure fit with anchoring straps that are also adjustable
  • Removable – Washable and removable – fitted with mesh cover
  • Durability – Constructed with durable steel


  • Additional safety – with its almost 4.6 ft. long construct, the Hide Away is a perfect fit for those looking to secure their toddlers from falling off larger beds.
  • Elongated use – the length of the product also promises to be a boon with its foldable structure when not in use for lengthy beds but for shorter ones. This also extends the usability across varying bed sizes.
  • Promising credibility – backed by the quality checks of JMPA & American testing and materials association – the Hide Away is a solid offering in the market.
  • Sturdiness – gathered from real customer reviews, the product is sturdy and stands tall on its commitments.
  • Multi-fold fitting – the Hide Away has straps that bind the frame and fabric together. This is much needed when the mattress is of unequal size and proportion.


  • Fixtures and fittings of the product – more fixtures in the frame, such as straps and fabric, mean more places to nut and bolt – thus a challenge to keep the toddlers away from such metal things.
  • The assembly of the product – the assembly of the Hide Away is one deal where not many are able to keep up! This means that it is quite a complex one.


3. Kurtzy Foldable Baby Bed Rail Barrier Protector

kurtzy foldable bed rail

Kurtzy is a popular name among the circle of young parents when it comes to safety, play, and household items for toddlers.

The high quality, ergonomically designed products, easy use feature – it all makes it a household name.

The Kurtzy Barrier protector is nothing short of these features.

With the folding design, easy installation, and suitable size of 180 *57 cm – the barrier protector is a safe bet and a quality product that is made up of nylon and plastic material. The metal frame though is visible through the translucent mesh.

The barrier protector weighs around 3.5 kg and is very solid for a bed rail.

The solid frame of the product is good since it provides the much-needed balance to the mesh protecting the kid and also – it fits perfectly beneath the mattress. There are PVC rods in the frame of the barrier protector that makes it strong enough for certain but is certainly not harmful to the kids.

When we look at the thickness for a 3.5 kg bed rail it is equally appreciable – this provides comfort to the child when it is playing or sleeping. Diving into the featurette, pros, and cons of the Kurtzy Barrier Protector – we have some decisive insights for you below:

Best Features Of The Product:

  • Quality – promising quality comes from the blend of nylon and plastic at the forefront of the product.
  • Design – the foldable design of the barrier protector is an improvement from
  • Sleep enablement – it ensures safe sleep by enabling safety all throughout the side of your bed. The thick establishment of the barrier protector – is essential to ensure no harm comes to the neck, shoulders, or otherwise to the toddler.
  • Size – the size of 180 cm and 57 cm works with almost all the daycare of your baby. This also helps keep the favorite toys from falling off the bed even when your child loves to get wild while playing.
  • Installation – easy to install, the barrier protection requires drilling in the installation that eventually makes it the solid support that it is.


  • Thickness – gets full marks on the thickness from most customer reviews
  • Sturdiness – the solid frame holds the product pieces together and grants better structure strength
  • Value for money – from a price range of INR 2999 and going up and beyond INR 7500, this product is more expensive than most out there but is a value for money when it comes to the durable safety of your child.
  • Durability – as we mentioned, the structural strength and promising brand of Kurtzy are enough to ensure durability.


  • Heavy for light mattresses – The structure is built heavy and after assembly of the product it takes a toll on lighter mattresses.


4. Kurtzy Baby Bed Rail Falling Protector For Newborn

kurtzy foldable safety guard bed rail

Another addition to the baby bed rails product line comes from the family of Kurtzy, known as Kurtzy Baby Bed Rail Falling Protector For New Born.

With all its features and benefits mostly, cutting through, there are some differences from the barrier protector.

The best way to figure this out is to identify your suitable requirements and then find alignment with the product benefits and features.

Diving deep is quick throughout the same: The Kurtzy Newborn fall protect is taller and is faster to assemble since it has zero components of steel and thus does not require drilling.

This in turn makes it unsuitable for steel cots but a better bet for the ones where the previous Kurtzy barrier protectors or bed rails might not befitting. A cleverly marked distinction brought by Kurtzy is for the type of mattress that the consumer uses.

Best Features Of The Product:

  • Age support – for 6 months and above toddlers.
  • Size and weight – are somewhat similar to the Kurtzy barrier protector. The weight is 3.4 kg and this one stands a tad taller at 180*60 cm.
  • Storage pockets – Kurtzy, delivering on its promise of innovation, provides storage pockets in the product to allow for easy stacking on kids’ items.
  • Safety barrier – very essential to support the kid when it is playing, this safety barrier makes the product a great fit.


  • Ease of assembly – it is easier to assemble as it has no metal frame that requires drilling in the structure. Suitable for non steel beds or cots.
  • Safety by anchors – the anchors in the structure provides safe and reliable edges on the curves of the frame. So that the fingers or little limbs of the kid do not get stuck in it.
  • Compact – the compact design and portability makes it a favorite among the frequent traveler group
  • Smart design – it comes in many designs that have cartoon characters and other vibrant blends of colors to keep your child’s surrounding vibrant and full of life.
  • Value for money – starting at a higher range of INR 2200, and goes up to even more – it is again an expensive fit but offers value for money with its promising reliability.


5. Baybee Bed Rail Guard Barrier For Baby

baybee bed rail guard barrier

The Baybee Bed Rail Guard For Baby is one of the most liked bed rail among consumers.

The Baybee guard takes into consideration some of the key requirements of the consumers such as adjustable frames, fitting with all types of beds, and the removable mesh that can get cleaned up easily – this is why it resonates best with the needs and lifestyle of parents.

Standing at dimensions of 150 and 63 cm it fits well with long beds as well. The pull and push feature becomes an all-time favorite – this allows the parents to pull the setup when the need is there and push it back to the bedside when the need is not there.

A very comfortable storage pocket enabled mesh – brings easier case set up for the parents. Once can now keep multi items like toys, books, and other things in this pocket and keep the bed space clean from littering.

Best Features Of The Product:

  • Extra Tall & Long
  • Simple Design Of Fold-Down(vertical laydown)
  • Sturdy – Good Sturdy Product
  • Simple Yet Stylish Bed Rail Design
  • Easy maintenance – super easy to clean


  • Value for money – starting at a range of INR 1900 and over – the Baybee products including this one value for money with brand, reliability, and span of usability.
  • Portable – the portable design and ease of carrying the setup is a great addition to parents who are frequently on the move and want to keep their kids safe at all times.
  • Installation ease – with no tools required to install the product – it is a simple lift and shift model to make it work.
  • Material – the Baybee products usually come with soft material with wrapping protection to ensure the softness is intact. This is especially useful for the skin of the baby as you can be assured it has no harmful effects of rubbing or rashes.


  • Instruction manual – many customers found the instruction manual difficult to comprehend. This is why the installing, even without any gear, became much difficult.
  • Durability – with no-tool installation setup – it focuses mostly on the durability of the fitments of the parts with each other. If either of them breaks apart your setup completely renders away.


6. Kiddale Extra Large Foldable Bed Rail For Baby

Kiddale Foldable Bed rail

Kiddale very explicitly brings out the fact that small kids have a tendency to roll in their bed while sleeping.

This becomes the plinth for them to invest and manufacture the bed rail to ensure safety specifically keeping in mind the requirement of the sleeping babies.

Kiddale line of products comes with pre reliable features of portability, washability, durability, and foldable structures.

The name has long been a synonym to the baby safety products in the world of young parents and especially goes around on the word of mouth. A quick look at some of the features and a glance at the highlights of the product are as below:

Best Features Of The Product:

  • Breathable mesh
  • Pull up knob
  • Hard and durable structure
  • Washable fabric
  • Designer mesh


  • 180 degree foldable
  • Value for money
  • Age befit
  • Ease of installation
  • Sturdiness


  • Durability in some cases
  • Light material is not fit for rough uses
  • Delicate structure for hard use


7. Vic Kid Bed Rail Guard Adjustable Falling Protector

Vic Kid Bed Rail Guard

Vic Kid Bed Rail Guard is a moderate price range offering that falls between INR 1600 and INR 3000, the Vic Kid adjustable bed rail has appropriate dimensions to support the young toddlers from falling off: 178 cm and 64 cm.

Keeping in mind the Indian consumer and their regular bed sizes, the product is designed to satisfy the needs from all aspects possible – whether it is a double bed, king-sized bed, or queen-sized beds it makes for a good fit for all.

The quality of the product at the same time is strong with promising material in the making such as steel rods, stable structural material.

One key feature that sets it apart from the rest is the round edges that are essentially viable for the kid’s safety.

This ensures while the kid is at play it doesn’t get hurt due to the sharp edges that most of the other products have given their structural strength.

Another interesting addition to the latest Vic kid products is the storage pockets, like any other imported product. It is a very stable product for kids up to the age of 9 – and all this comes at the price of a nominal offering in the Indian demographic market.

Best Features Of The Product:

  • Rounded edges
  • Pull up and push down knob for faster space availability
  • Adjustable height to meet the kid play requirements given the age
  • Washable and removable fabric
  • Mesh comes in multiple designs and formats to suit the room’s needs and blend in well with your bedroom.


  • Storage pockets solve the job of cleanliness
  • Value for money at a slightly above average range of price but many features and benefits
  • Age befit – for 0 to 9 yrs.
  • Ease of installation
  • Sturdiness


8. Safe O Kid Extra Thick Baby Bed Rail

Safe-O-Kid baby bed rail

Usually comes in a pack of 2, the Safe O Kid is an ideal fit for infants and tiny toddlers. Priced slightly higher than its contemporaries in the play, the INR range of 4000 is quite the sum one will pay for a limited usability product.

Let us dive into the highlights and find out whether this matches your fit or not. If you are among the ones who really need to make it go from the moment you buy the product and are not ready to leave any stone turned but all at the cost of time – you might want to check this one out.

For the price of almost two-bed rails, this one product is good as it is faster to assemble, very light and soft on the material for your child, and easily pluggable in the space of your bedroom.

Its compact size doesn’t take up much space and this is what makes it unique to the age bracket of 0 – 12 years.

Though it promises to last long for the age group the manufacturer clearly outlines it as safety equipment and announces that in case of damage due to play it is very much anticipatable.

A video guide takes the consumer through the assembling instructions and this is quite good from those static instruction manuals.

Best Features Of The Product:

  • Breathable mesh
  • Soft material, hard and durable structure
  • Washable and removable fabric can also go a long way to avoid recurring cost pressures
  • Designer mesh – the mesh for this product comes in many forms, however, imported, it does cost a tad bit extra – as pointed out by a few customers in their detailed reviews.


  • Age benefit – for a product cost at INR 4000 and above the tenure of usability it is around 10 years as said by the manufacturer. This is an investment that you will not regret as long as you want a satisfactory result from the product.
  • Ease of installation – the video guide is the best way to take you through the step-by-step guiding process and allow for faster assembly of the product.
  • Sturdiness – the high sturdiness of the product makes it preferred solution for parents with different types of beds where they might want to rest their toddlers


9. Safe O Kid Extra Large Foldable Bed Rails

Safe O Kid Extra Large Baby Bed Rail

The Safe O Kids Extra Large Washable premium is an upgrade to the previous Safe O Kids product on our list.

Priced slightly higher than the previous one, it stands to deliver satisfaction at INR 4000 and above. With all the underlying commonalities remaining the same, the upgraded version has the following additions to offer:

Features and benefits apart from the previous Safe O Kids (regular) product

  • Additional height to ensure the kid doesn’t fall while playing
  • More mesh designs to choose from and match the fondness of your child


10. R For Rabbit Safeguard Baby Bed Rail

Rabbit Safeguard Baby Bed Rail

Another heavy product from the Chinese market, weighing about 3.5 kg. The Rabbit Safeguard bed rail for baby is a long extended one.

Standing tall at 6*2.3 ft. dimensions it makes for a nice bed rail when you’re seeking one in a slightly above the range of price.

Valued at INR 2800 and more from different vendors, the Rabbit Safeguard comes in vibrant colors to match the style of your bedroom and keep your little one engaged with colorful cartoons on its mesh.

Talking about the features of the product, few that stand out at the first glance are: the brand promises its agenda as “Safety 1st” with this in mind the Rabbit Safeguard is the only product on our list that promises to have an Anti-fall railing. It comes with an easily attachable and detachable setup that makes it preferable for a faster turnaround on maintenance.

Best Features & Pro’s Of The Product:

  • Safety and compatibility certified – the product comes with a certified backup on the safety norms of use. It is also highly compatible with multiple bed sizes and can be adjusted for unique sizes as well.
  • Easy attachments – the easy attachment and dis-engagement feature makes it a quick solution when you’re looking to save up on time and make things still look clean.
  • Value for money – priced at a range of INR 2800, few customers have voiced out the value for money benefits given its reputation and time saving up feature to assemble.


  • The easy attachment feature for a few customers did not go well, as the non-hard structure sometimes can break off and this results in value loss for the price that one ends up paying on purchasing this product.